What can be more pleasurable than a quality massage and be so good for you at the same time???

day spa couples packagesYou know how you feel when it is time for a massage … not any massage … but a truly great massage where your muscles get the real workout they need whilst feeling almost sensual during the process rather than feeling like you are a piece of meat in a butcher’s shop getting flogged … where you feel alive again, can move easily and everything is operating smoothly in the body you know.

Many things go into making a great massage.

day spa massageThe treatment room and ambience – is it clean & tidy; does it smell good; is the temperature conducive to relaxing; is the lighting suitable; do you feel safe; will you float away with the type of music playing; does the room look pleasing & do you have enough space around you.

The Therapist – do they inspire trust & confidence; do they know what they are talking about; do they ask you questions before your get on the table about what pressure you would like or particular areas you would like some work done on; do they listen to you & give you their attention; do they look you in the eye & stay connected with you when you are talking; & lastly are they qualified.

MassageThe Massage – are the towels clean & fresh; are you comfortable lying on the treatment bed, do the towels cover you or are your feet getting cold as they are hanging outside, can you feel their skill when they place their hands on you; are you asked if the pressure is good for you; do you feel they are connected with you; are their hands working the muscles with the right pressure; are they working the muscles from different angles; are they using different techniques eg effleurage, raking, soft, firm, flowing, targeting specific muscles with their fingers etc; are you wanting to let out a deep sigh as it feels so good; are they using different strokes and movements so you get into a fuller state of relaxation; do they have a good variety & sequence of strokes; are you floating & able to relax?

Massage of shoulderYou –  it is also important you are in the right frame yourself.  What is the saying, ‘it takes two to tango’.  This is very much the case with a quality massage, it is a dance between you and the therapist.  Do you ensure you are hydrated and looking forward to the massage?  Are you able to fully relax on the table?  Do you speak up when you are not happy with any aspect of the massage?  Are you clear on what you want from the session & have you discussed this with your therapist?  It is important to identify any previous surgery & current conditions that may have an impact on what pressure & style the therapist uses with you.

164111927 BabyandMumIf you are pregnant, you need to let the therapist know in advance as not all therapists are comfortable in massaging a pregnant lady.  It is very common that some Day Spas won’t look after pregnant ladies & it is also recommended that if you are pregnant, you seek a medical opinion to ensure it is safe for you to partake in the treatments and use the facilities on offer.

If you have a regular massage, then your circulation, muscle tone, blood supply, immune system, health & well-being all improve.  Better than taking any pill … and so much more enjoyable.  Get on board and have a regular massage.  Your body will love you.  Ring Sue today on 075 478 6331 to make your appointment soon.


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