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For a totally relaxing experience set in a tropical paradise, pay a visit to Casa Di Natura, house of nature. The spa is set in eight acres of spectacular rainforest and bushland, and after owner, Sue Broughton, and her therapists have finished pampering you, you’ll feel as though you’re floating on a cloud.

The spa offers a great variety of facilities and treatments with the most luxurious being the Full Day Indulgence. After being welcomed by Sue you’ll start the experience with a foot treatment accompanied with fruit, chocolates, and a glass of champagne, while looking out to the pool with its water curtain and beyond to the rainforest. Next is a body treatment—a dry body brush, followed by a warm scrub, then a full body masque (usually clay mineral), before being wrapped in foil and treated to a head massage. Finally the masque is hot towelled off and you can enjoy a shower.

At this stage it’s time for a break, lunch and enjoying the facilities, the pool or a FAR infrared sauna. ‘FAR is a dry heat sauna which is for lymphatic fluid and respiratory systems,’ explains Sue. Or you could try the magnesium swimming pool which is, ‘Especially good for depression, muscular aches and circulation, she says, ‘and we encourage clients to soak in it because what the magnesium can do for your skin and hair is fantastic. All of our water here is filtered rainwater, so the water itself is really soft.’. Another option is to soak in a non-chemical hydro spa which uses a herbal sanitiser, Biquanide.

After lunch, you can opt to walk down to the natural waterfall on the property or just relax and complete the program with a massage and facial. Set up initially for women, within six months of opening there were numerous requests for partners to be included. Now couples are thirty percent of the business. Sue has set up the moonlight room and says, ‘It’s dark and romantic with subdued candles. Without fail, as soon as I open the door, they all say, “Oh this is lovely’,’ and then we do the treatments in there for them.’

Never to be forgotten, and designed especially for couples is the Beloved Spa Experience, ideal for rekindling romance, for an anniversary or honeymoon, or just to get reconnected again. In a Casa Di Natura initiative, Sue has teamed up with Brownyn Hawkins, a professional lifestyle photographer with a genuine passion for people. ‘Brownyn gets them talking, takes them back to when they had their first kiss. Then she
takes pictures of them all around the day spa enjoying themselves. You can see those loving looks come back into their face again, captured on film, and they take away with them quality, professional photographs that have captured the essence of their love,’ says Sue.

The most popular treatment and Casa Di Natura’s signature package is the Girlfriend / Couple’s Getaway. This is a blissful two and a half hour package: one hour using the facilities and enjoying the chocolate, fruit, champagne, tea or coffee followed by an hour massage and a half hour facial. ‘The reason that it’s so popular is for a combination of reasons. People like to feel they’re getting a bargain of some sorts, and two and a half hours is a nice period of time. We start their program at 9.30 am, so if someone is buying it as a gift for a birthday or special occasion they can then go and have lunch together; or if they come in the afternoon, they still get away at a reasonable time. Also, it’s a good time for men as they don’t want to linger overly long and when they get here that time goes quickly and they think we’ll come longer next
time,’ says Sue.

For the ultimate and exclusive Hen’s Party, a three hour pampering package is perfect and can be tailored to your requirements. You can select a swim, sauna, spa and a treatment of choice, or perhaps a clairvoyant reading. For refreshments you can choose either a high tea or a gourmet tasting plate that includes, chocolates, figs, dates, lush dried apricots, pumpkin seed clusters, thee different types of cheeses, biscuits, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, carrot strips, and celery sticks—all gluten free.

When you arrive for a treatment. you will be met personally by Sue and you can expect to have care lavished on you by both Sue and her therapists throughout your time at Casa Di Natura. Sue says clients can, ‘expect to feel like they’re transported somewhere else, to feel totally relaxed, feeling special, looked after and cared for and just float out of here.’

When explaining what makes Casa Di Natura stand out, Sue says, ‘As far as I am aware we’re the only totally natural day spa, all our facilities and all our products are natural. Sauna, spa, swimming pool, as well as all the treatments, use natural products. I think this is very important. If you’re using chemicals on your skin they’re going into your system. I think the beauty system has gone in the wrong direction promoting beauty products that use a lot of chemicals.’

Exclusivity is another major factor in making Casa Di Natura stand out. ‘If you’re a party of one you have the place to yourself, or if you’re a party of five you’re always the only party here. I don’t do two bookings at once here. It’s exclusively yours for you or you party, ‘ she says, and adds, ‘I think we are one of the most inexpensive and affordable day spas on the Sunshine Coast—modestly priced and exclusively yours.’

Tranquil setting, chemical free products, exclusivity, and moderate prices: absolutely nothing is left to chance to spoil your experience. Unlike a lot of spas, where the focus is only on beauty, all therapists at Casa Di Natura are primarily trained in massage but also capable of giving beauty treatments. ‘It’s much easier to teach a massage therapist to do beauty than it is to teach a beauty therapist to do massage properly,’ Sue explains. ‘When people come here they can have a very good massage, and we get a lot of pregnant women. We’ve got beauty therapists here too, but they need to be able to do both.’

‘We want to treat the clients as very special. We want everyone who comes here to have a special experience. I really take it to the enth degree, so I ask my therapists to not wear any make-up. It’s really all about the clients feeling good, I don’t want some pretty, pristine little thing all made up and looking better. That doesn’t really make you feel good. I’d rather a real woman who really wants to make you feel special. As women we should celebrate women in all shapes and sizes,’ she says.

The new trend in day spas is to provide a holistic treatment: combining beauty and treatments with natural therapies. Sue says, ‘I love sharing this space, but I also love making a difference, making people feel special, cared about. We’ve had some extraordinary, really unique cases come here. Because it’s turning out to be a place with a meaningful difference for people I’ve recently done a lot of work with Reiki Treatment Practices for professionals, and Body Talk. My passion is Body Talk. I actually have a lot of clientele who come for the healing modalities on offer, so it’s a healing centre as well as a day spa and it’s really quite rewarding to see people understand themselves and get closer to their goals of wellness from coming here. That makes me feel really good, playing a direct role in the healing process whether it’s from the healing work or whether they’re feeling refreshed and a little healed from the pampering.’

When you go to Casa Di Natura, you can’t help falling in love with the place, the cleanliness, the attention to detail, the beautiful and tranquil scenery, waterfall, rainforest and bushland—the facilities are all boutique luxury. ‘People appreciate that we can do different things here, it’s private, away from everywhere. People get ideas when they come here and they think, “I could do this or that here. It’s a place where we can have different groups, hold workshops, meetings, or host yoga groups.” I really love the fact that clients who come here start brainstorming and doing different things,’ she says. Professional, caring, and friendly, Sue is always open to new ideas. So when you pay your visit and are inspired with new ideas, just ask and the most likely answer you’ll receive is a very warm, ‘Yes.’

Indulge your senses and pay a visit to Casa Di Natura for a world-class and treasured

144 Ensbey Road, Flaxton QLD 4560 Phone: 07 5478 6331
Email: [email protected] www.casadinatura.com.au

Story written by Helen Elwood & published in Holiday Mood: Sunshine Coast, January 2015

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