If I have aches and pains, will going to a Day Spa help me?

Muscle pain develops after we engage in strenuous physical activity that our bodies are not accustomed to. You can get this when you do a more intensive exercise routine, partaking in sports or activities that strain muscle groups such as mountain climbing or running a marathon, or by over- exerting yourself after a long period without regular physical activity. The degree of pain varies according to the kind and length of the activity done.

There are generally 3 – 4 treatments or facilities that genuinely assist with muscular fatigue, aches and pains depending on what is available at the Spa you choose. Doing a program with a combination of these, will help to relieve muscle tension much quicker. The essentials aids are –

  • Massage – firm styles such as remedial, therapeutic, reflexology, hot stone, Thai, Shiatsu etc
  • Sauna – FAR Infrared is best but other types are also very useful
  • Hydro Spa – hopefully you can find a non-chemical typeNatural therapies – Reiki, BodyTalk, Kinesiology, Vibrational Therapy, Acupuncture etc

Let’s  start  with  massage. In the June 2012 edition of this magazine, we talked about how massage is helpful in decreasing blood pressure in people to alleviates pain; increases blood circulation and lymph flow; that it relaxes muscles; improves the range of motion and increases endorphins – elements that aid improvement for muscular conditions. Firm massage styles have been proven to also help relieve muscle tension and stiffness; foster faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments reducing pain and swelling; reduce muscle spasms; provide greater joint flexibility and range of motion; and treats musculoskeletal problems.

Saunas, in particular Far Infrared Saunas, as well as sending good feelings through the body, our endorphins also act to limit the pain and reduce symptoms of aching muscle tension. The increased temperature of the body causes blood vessels to dilate and increases circulation, speeding up the body’s  healing  processes.    There  are  many  other  benefits  with  these  saunas,  which  we  will address in a later edition.

In relation to a Hydro Spa, the soothing warmth and buoyancy of the water in the Hydro Spa makes it a safe and ideal environment for relieving muscular pain and studies claim, that the muscle relaxing and joint loosening benefits help towards a number of conditions. Overall, hydrotherapy studies have shown that the health benefits of immersion in warm water with massage jet action include the relaxation of muscles, lowering of blood pressure, loosening of arthritis joints, as well as help with the control of blood sugar and body weight.

Hydrotherapy has always been a treatment endorsed by athletes, relaxing and increasing blood circulation and blood flow to injured joints or muscles to speed up recovery and repair. A spa delivers a hydrotherapeutic massage, which simulates many stress-relieving techniques. The resonant flow of the water from the jets, and the various jet sizes and pressure, simulate a Swedish massage. This massage gently removes the knots and built up tension in your muscles. You leave your spa feeling less stressed and very relaxed. Movement becomes easier because of the tension that has been relieved from your muscles and joints.

As for Natural therapies, it can be done through some easy steps that are noninvasive that everyone can learn just as well as receive. If you think about it, how does your sore muscle issue resonate within your own life, and what may have caused this? By tapping into the root cause or triggers, you will be able to have a successful healing session for sore muscle issues. When you start to learn how natural therapies work for your sore muscles, it is all about finding what you are drawn to when it resonates within your own energetic and vibrational fields, as we are all our own unique energetic beings. It is helpful if you have an understanding that we are energetic beings and need to balance these energies through a mind – body – spiritual type of healing. Now when we want to work with a more non-invasive approach for healing of these sore muscles, we can tap into the power of a variety of natural therapies.

Intense physical activity strains or tears muscle fibres, which is why they become sore a day or two after. You can avoid, and reduce muscle pain with proper body conditioning before undertaking such activities. Remember, to stretch before and after stressful exercise to ensure you reduce the muscular pain.  If you still have muscular pain, a trip to the Day Spa is not just enjoyable but very beneficial in repairing any muscular damage. Looking forward to seeing you very soon at your local Day Spa.

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