Ask The Spa Expert – What are the healing benefits of a FAR Infrared (FIR) Sauna?

As FAR Infrared is natural and already part of our everyday life, this makes it very safe for use in saunas. The human body needs FAR Infrared energy to sustain life. The FAR Infrared sauna experience means we are not exposing ourselves to unsafe or unnatural conditions like that of a traditional or steam sauna. The heat generated, melts fats to remove toxins, helps heal tissues as it stimulates circulation, resulting in slowing down the aging process.

The steam & exceptionally hot air generated in traditional saunas contacts the body’s skin, quickly resulting in a sweat that starts at the top layers of skin. This engages the body’s natural cooling mechanism – sweat. The instant sweat generates in a traditional sauna, typically it is made up of 97% water and 3% toxins and fatty acids.

FAR Infrared however, is absorbed deep into our bodies, down to a much deeper level where toxins & fatty acids are stored. This results in a much deeper & more concentrated sweat, generally around three times as much as that experienced in a traditional sauna. This deep sweat forces the toxins from the stores much more efficiently. An FAR Infrared sauna can expel up to 21% toxins – that’s up to 7 times more effective than a traditional sauna.

The benefits of a FAR Infrared Sauna are numerous and typically the real benefits are reduction of stress and fatigue as well as relief from chronic fatigue syndrome; helps to eliminate toxins from your body and also to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

Among other healing benefits, this type of sauna has also shown an increase in the white blood cell count, which boosts the immune system.  This process helps to bring more nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It assists tissue regeneration and hormonal ailments. Research has shown that metabolic rates rise approximately 13% for every 1°C rise in the sauna’s temperature.

Expanding on the benefits in relation to increasing metabolic rates, you are able to burn up to 600 calories in a 30 minute session in a FAR Infrared sauna. This in turn, improves metabolism that helps you to lose weight. At 38° C you melt fat releasing toxins into the blood stream and is eliminated through sweat. As your circulation improves, you are more ready to exercise and lose more weight.

Another benefit that is not widely written about, is the benefit of sleeping soundly if you take a sauna before bed.  You seem to wake up more refreshed and full of energy.  This is by FAR, one of the best things you can do for yourself on a regular basis.  Why not take the challenge … and give a FAR Infrared  Sauna experience a go … you will not regret it!!!!


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