Success, national accreditation Cert IV in Reiki Treatment Practice  2012-current

Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice, Part 6 and Final update of the 6 part series

Changing of the Guard to Australian Institute of Health and Business Management (AIHBM), 2012-current

During 2012 we saw a ‘changing of the guard’ in the national training bodies. The Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) was replaced with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), bringing with them a new set of standards, guidelines and requirements.

It was at this time that collaboration began between Australian Institute of Health and Business Management (AIHBM), a Registered Training Organisation in Queensland, and Reiki Australia. Past efforts had to be put to the side and a whole new approach implemented. As there had been two failed attempts to get the Reiki Treatment Practice qualification approved, it was in both parties’ interests to work very closely and collaboratively, to finally get the qualification accredited.

Reiki Australia’s Professional Standards Team and AIHBM consulted with treatment practitioners, Reiki Masters and worksites to bring the ‘new’ qualification to current standards and also to address the important issues identified in earlier widespread consultation with the community. In a nutshell these underpinning issues were as follows:

  • Clarity about the differences between Reiki as a personal, spiritual practice involving Reiki teaching, self-treatment, treatment with friends and family, and the professional Reiki treatment practice where treatments are offered in health and wellness facilities for the public.

  • The personal practice of Reiki is the foundation for professional practice and students must learn Reiki before enrolling in the qualification designed for professional practice.

  • Reiki Masters maintain their freedom to teach and mentor their students, it is not their role to become health practitioner trainers/assessors.

  • Many forms of Reiki are taught in Australia, and it is ultimately the role of each founder/ lineage bearer to describe the teachings relating to their chosen form of Reiki.

There was considerable work done during 2012 and 2013 with many hookups, meetings, correspondence and working parties to prepare the application for national accreditation of a Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice through the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

We were overjoyed to announce in March 2013, that the application had been approved – 10346NAT Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice. Now that the only dedicated Reiki Treatment Practice qualification had been approved, it was time to set up the infrastructure to support the qualification.

This involved further work, developing the training and assessment manuals for the four Reiki specialisation units that form part of the qualification. Certified Reiki clinics had to be set up and guidelines developed, for students to demonstrate aspects of their practice as required in the qualification. As of December 2013 this was completed, with AIHBM successfully proving compliance to deliver the qualification nationally.

10346NAT Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice qualification is now on scope and training has commenced. See this link for further information:


The final chapter in the journey towards having a dedicated Reiki treatment practice qualification approved nationally, involved the collaboration of Queensland-registered training organisation Australian Institute of Health and Business Management (AIHBM) and Reiki Australia finally successfully attaining the long sought after, elusive 10346NAT Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice. We are now gearing up to deliver the training for Reiki practitioners who are interested in furthering their clinical practice. See this link for further information:

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