Part 5 – Introduction of Australian College of Vibrational Healing (ACVH) 2011

Defining a Dedicated Certificate IV in Reiki Treatment Practice

Part of our journey was a period of collaboration in 2011 with a Victorian Registered Training Organisation, the Australian College of Vibrational Healing (ACVH).

The project was to include Reiki as one of a number of streams in an Energy Healing Qualification and during 2011 Reiki Australia worked with ACVH on this concept. Despite the positive intent of both ACVH and Reiki Australia, the stakeholders for Reiki and Energy Healing were unable to reach agreement about the structure of a Reiki stream in this qualification.

We came to the realisation that there is a fundamental difference between Reiki treatment practice and Energy healing practices. Reiki is a personal spiritual, healing practice that can be taught and shared and does not require a therapeutic foundation for treatment, nor does the Reiki practitioner direct the outcome of treatment.

Ultimately Reiki Australia came to the conclusion that the difficulty was in attempting to fit Reiki under the banner of energy healing – it was determined that the spiritual practice of Reiki could not and should not be classified and implemented as energy healing, and in fact, was a quality, stand-alone practice in its own right and needed it’s own dedicated qualification to stand beside other health related qualifications.

Reiki Australia then decided to go ahead and develop a separate dedicated Reiki qualification to be submitted with ACVH’s Energy Healing qualification.  However, we discovered that, as an organisation incorporated in Queensland, Reiki Australia could not register a qualification through the Victorian training authority, so back to the drawing board!.

It was decided to go our separate ways and pursue a dedicated Reiki Treatment Practice qualification through the newly established body that oversees qualifications nationally, ASQA


Several years pass until 2011, whilst still trying to progress the Certificate IV Reiki Treatment Practice qualification, until paths cross between Australian College of Vibrational Healing (ACVH) and Reiki Australia.  Some work was done to explore the possibility of incorporating Reiki as a stream in an energy healing qualification, however mutual agreement about the structure of a Reiki stream within this qualification could not be reached.  Other factors impacted the progress, and paths separated with Reiki Australia seeking an avenue to ensure a dedicated Reiki treatment practice qualification as a stand-alone.

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