1) Can you tell us a little bit about your day spa and the type of services you offer to the public?

We have a truly unique boutique luxury Day Spa Centre, set on 8 acres in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Our focus is women … pampering, nurturing, re-engerising and rejuvenating them. The journey to the Day Spa starts the process of unwinding as you surrounded by nature … natural rainforests and bushland.
Our facilities include – 10M magnesium swimming pool with water curtain and bubble beds (solar heated); Hydrotherapy Spa run on rainwater and a non-bleach/non-chlorine algaecide sanitiser, called Biquanide; FAR Infrared Sauna infused with Young Living Lemon and Cypress Essential Oils; loungers for sun baking; and walks around the 8 acre property including to a natural waterfall and waterhole
Our treatments include – massage (choose from relaxation, Swedish, Remedial, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone); Body Treatments; Foot Treatments; Facials, Manicures; Pedicures; Energy Treatments (choose from Body Talk, Reiki, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Vibrational Healing, Past Life Regessive Therapy) and various ranges of combination pacakges to make your visit to Casa Di Natura, very memorable.
Our products include – Young Living Oils, ellyB, Brookland Tree and Absolutely Gorgeous. All wonderful range of products that are either certified organic, organic or high grade natural. No chemicals at all. The creators of each range are highly passionate about the purity of their products and their therapuetic value.
Extras – for any combination treatment package of 2 hours or more, you will get a complementary 1 hour use of facilities plus a gourmet tasting plate including various fruit; chocolates; cheeses, dip and crackers; veggie sticks, dried fruits and more … In addition, you get a complementary glass of champagne and a choice of teas (herbal and normal) and proper coffee (Merlo’s Private Blend).

2) What’s the history behind your spa, and how did you get started in the spa industry?

I have been massaging for over 30 years off and on, and was originally taught by a blind pyshio therapist whic kindled my love of the human body and how it ticked. I have had several healing / massage businesses from home over the years. I worked in a Day Spa in new farm for a period of time and really enjoyed the experience. I like many that will read this page, have been to many Day Spas and know what I like and don’t like. Being herded in like cattle with everyone else, is not my idea of a luxury healing experience. When the opportunity came to build on our property came up, I really wanted a peaceful sanctuary where others could enjoy themselves but in a very private way … to really feel special … looked after … pampered … in a natural and friendly manner and not in a clinical, faceless way. I really wanted to attract all those women out there who wouldn’t be ‘caught dead’ in a Day Spa because they are a different shape or size, are shy or modest and don’t like to parade around with ‘perfect looking’ therapists and hostesses. I want to attract the ladies that are older or whoever has not come to a Day Spa. The healing waters of the Magnesium Pool is so beneficial for ladies who have any aches or pains and are looking for some relief. With these objectives in mind, I setup Casa Di Natura registering the business, applied to all the relevant associations and memberships, engaged suitably skilled therapists and hostesses who personified the ‘right atmosphere’ I am trying to create.

3) There are a lot of different spas around Australia, each one with different style and philosophies, what is the philosophy and motto behind your spa?

My motto is … ‘Let the flower of life within shine’. For me, this signifies that I want the gorgeous women to come to my Day Spa and ‘wake up to the very loveliness they have within’. To feel alive … energised … totally at one with the world and themselves … to feel delicious. Most women that come down my drive, feel worn out, tired and spent. They have given of themselves too much … especially to their children, husbands and their causes. Casa Di Natura is just as much a healing centre as it is a day spa. Women rule at this Day Spa. Men and families are allowed to visit, as long as they have been invited by a lady and are accompanied by her. Female generations – mother, daughter, grandmother come as a group … sharing an experience that deepens their love and understanding of each other. People feel they are able to express themselves easily when they come. To bond and get really connected again. Same with couples that come. Having a hectic life as many of us do these days, a chance to experience a lovely date together in nature, with a massage, sauna, spa etc etc … again you can tangibly feel deep stirrings start to rekindle. So I guess you would say that my philosophy is to assist people to reconnect, re-energise and rekindle their passions for life through loving and skilled professionals that ensure each individual’s experience is one of maximum pleasure, enjoyment and ‘platinum treatments’. I am living proof that a massage a week, keeps you perfectly healthy, energetic and ready for anything.

4) What is your most popular service? What is it that makes people return to your spa?

Our most popular service is the Sublime Bliss package which is 2 hours of treatment ie 1 hour massage of your choice and 1 hour facial. This is combined with a complementary hour of the facilities ie magnesium swimming pool with water curtain and bubble beds (solar heated); Hydrotherapy Spa run on rainwater and a non-bleach/non-chlorine algaecide sanitiser, called Biquanide; FAR Infrared Sauna infused with Young Living Lemon and Cypress Essential Oils; loungers for sun baking; and a gourmet tasting plate including various fruit; chocolates; cheeses, dip and crackers; veggie sticks, dried fruits and more … In addition, they get a complementary glass of champagne and a choice of teas (herbal and normal) and proper coffee (Merlo’s Private Blend).

People return to a place if they see value for money, they like their experience, they feel special … really special and they think they are getting some benefit. Many of our clients are returning more and more. We are a new day Spa that is getting recognition for being different to other Day Spas. ‘Word of Mouth’ referrals are going wild. Where else would you go in the Day Spa world where you can spend under $200 for half a day, have a great combination of different treatments and therapies, use of all the facilities, be fed and refreshed plus … have the whole place EXCLUSIVELY for yourselves, with no one else there. As the owner, I think you could describe me as eccentric and widely travelled … so I add an extra dimension to the mix, with stories from my past for those that are interested. Stories such as working with witch doctors in Africa, working in a Colonic Irrigation Clinic in Thailand, teaching in schools in Nepal and so on … I have created my dream which I am very willing to share, especially to those women who are looking for a different experience that truly makes them feel special!!!

5) What drives you to success? What makes you tick in the spa industry?

Some of this question, has bee answered in some of my previous responses. I am on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, and for those that know astrology that makes for a very driven and hard working individual who see things from a unique perspecitve. I have always been a driven person from an early age. I especially like to help those that been hurt or damaged along the way in life. I love working with women who are pregnant and want to get an understanding of their baby’s thoughts and feelings whilst in the womb, through the BodyTalk System. I love to massage … my specialty is Remedial and Deep Tissue. I like women to take charge and understand their bodies, and be responsible for their health care in a natural way. A combination of relaxation, healing and pampering can be a very powerful experience that can really improve an individual’s life. So many people have limits, fears and boundaries they find hard to break … even to pamper themselves … many feel guilty. I have lived a different life, where I have seen my potential, stretched my boundaries and thoroughly enjoyed myself along the way, in a very natural manner. Some people just need a helping hand to feel these things and a visit to my day spa at Casa Di Natura, opens a window to possibilities. So not your typical Day Spa experience but a very nurturing and healthy one, never the less.

6) Who is your target audience and client? What type of customers visit your spa and what are they looking for?

Having been opened for approx 5 months, the clientele is still evolving. I’m happy to say we have had nearly 300 people through our doors and they range from 14 years to 93 years with all ages in between. The majority of our clientele are ladies over 40 years of age who are looking for a different and discerning experience. Almost like their secret that they can come and escape to.

7) What is one of the biggest misconceptions about day spas?

I don’t know how to answer this adequately. From feedback I get from the clients and also my own personal experience, is that Day Spas seem to project a funny or false image. Therapists are generally gorgeous looking with very thin bodies and use a lot of very expensive ‘Brand’ products with high chemical content promoting change to self shape and structure. They generally promote an unconscious message that clients are not good looking enough and need major transformation through treatments. Most of the Day Spas are not Day Spas but in fact 1 or 2 small rooms in a building that offer treatments and not much else. The majority certainly don’t have a range of facilities on offer to be really called a Day Spa.

8.) Can you tell us some of your trade secrets behind the success of your spa?

Giving value for money, identifying how to can fulfill a need they have, ensure they get your very best personal treatment and that you make them feel special. Show them how they can benefit from coming regularly to your Day Spa. Keep great detailed notes, so you can talk about things that are personal about themselves. Stay aware and present during your time with the client. The client will feel your interest and connection. It makes your day go well and interestingly if you really stay connected.

9) With so many spas out there, what do we need to research about a spa before visiting one? What are the things people need to know or look for?

What is on offer, treatments, facilities and other attractions. Cost is also a consideration. Are they connected to a professional body and what products are they using.

10) Now it’s time for you to shine and tell us what makes your day spa simply fantastic. Invite us to visit your spa and remind us why in your hands we will have a simply amazing experience…

A visit to Casa Di Natura will definitely be an experience you will remember. Our whole sincere intention, is to ensure you feel great, truly special and totally pampered. To reconnect with nature, yourself and the blossoming flower within you.

Your visit to Casa Di Natura is an experience that is exclusively yours. You are the only client enjoying the facilities. Whether you come individually or as a group, the centre is yours for that time booked.

Check out our website on www.casadinatura.com.au and find out for yourself that a visit does not cost ‘an arm and a leg’.
Casa Di Natura is an affordable luxuriating experience that can literally ‘put the life back into you’.
Health rebates apply for the remedial massage component in any package you may choose.
Don’t wait … Come and be revitalised, nourished and energised.

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