To say that Casa Di Natura owner and creater Sue Broughton is unique, diverse and quirky is an understatement and evidence of her special style is all around at Casa Di Natura luxury day spa-a spa  just for women! Having worked in the construction industry for 8 years previosly,  Sue is now loving every minute of providing a safe, supportive, luxury pampering experience for women of all ages.

Sue says ” I have had a love affair with natural therapies for the past 15 years and have always used my mind to succeed rather than use my spirituality and emotional intelligence” and this is evident as one views the spa menu and the quality and “special” services Casa Di Natura offer their guests- guests not clients for when you enjoy an experience at Casa di Natura you are never made to feel like a client!

Casa di Natura is like no other day spa around, at Casa di Natura, each person is treated with respect and absolutely pampered so they float away when it is time to leave.  The other key factor, is the facilities are always exclusively for that person or party only.  You are able to do what you want, when you want.  If you want to take a walk down to the waterfall, you can.  If you want to sunbake nude, you can.  If you want to sit in a spa with your friends and no one else, you can.

Sue describes herself as excessively energic and is also bit of a story-teller and weaves a great yarn about her stories from her adventures in Africa and her volunteer work  as a School Teacher in Nepal, Kenya and Thailand.  Sue also worked with Witch Doctors in preparing herbs for mentally handicapped children in Kenya, taught disco dancing in the rice paddies in Nepal and worked in a Colonic Irrigation Clinic in Koh Samui, Thailand to name a few unconventional elements.

A visit to Casa Di Natura is well worth the drive just to meet Sue!

Enjoy your visit to Casa Di Natura and discover for yourself how affordable, flexible and delicious this experience is.

From Enlightened Goddess.

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  1. Lauretta Lewis says:

    Casa di Natura is more than a day spa. It is the experience of total bliss. Sue made us feel so welcome and at home from the moment we arrived. Her therapists are selected to reflect Sue’s emphasis on quality care and attention. Casa di Natura is a delightful haven set in a secluded valley in the lush abundance of Maleny. I was attending a family reunion at Maleny and our morning at Casa di Natura was a special treat to de-stress and reconnect. The magnesium spa pool is simply amazing and I can’t begin to describe the freshness it exudes. We all came away feeling very pampered and chilled. I am looking forward to my next visit. Well worth the short drive from Brissy. Many thanks Sue.

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